You want your wedding to be a special day for you and your guests. To round off the day, many people arrange an evening party to invite their wider circle of friends.

A Barn Dance allows everyone to join in the fun, as well as to meet and talk. The chance to chat is important if the whole family only meets occasionally.

Unlike a disco, a Barn Dance is fun for all ages, from a nine year old nephew to your ninety year old great-grandmother. And it's enjoyable from the sidelines, even if your guests can't join in the dancing.

I call with a number and wide variety of bands, and can arrange one suitable for you. To complete your day, I will provide a very special "send-off" for you, which I know will delight you, your family and friends.


Whether it's a surprise birthday party, an engagement, or a wedding anniversary, you want all your guests to enjoy your party.

Barn Dances enable and encourage all people who don't necessarily know everyone else, to mix and have a good time.


Calling for traditional and newer dances, I guide the dancers through the dance without the music initially, and then with timely calling of the moves while the band provides the music.

This means that you don.t have to be an expert in the dances to enjoy a fun evening.

I have many years experience and have a relaxed, friendly style and abundant patience. My overriding desire is to ensure that you and your guests have an enjoyable evening.

I will endeavour to meet your requirements, whether it is an evening of non-stop dancing, or one with regular rests and a supper interval to enable you to chat and get your breath back.

Fund Raising

These events usually have multiple aims - raising money for a specific purpose while also providing an enjoyable social event for your supporters. A Barn Dance is ideal for this.

If you need help and guidance on organising a Barn Dance, I can advise you on all aspects